Bomo Swing

Celtic / Folk, Electro Swing Bands, Gypsy Jazz.


Bomo Swing is a sensational, high energy band playing festivals and events throughout the UK. This multi-cultural, eight-piece band take World Music to a different level with a fusion of Balkan, Ska, Reggae, Swing and Cumbia dance. At the heart of the band is a driving Latin percussion section laying down the rhythms with Bass,… Read more »

The Electro Swing Beats

Electro Swing Bands, Jazz, Swing Bands.


The Electro Swing beats – explosive Electro Swing where 1920s Jazz is fused with high energy electro beats. The Electro Swing Beats is a professional top line International band that has toured throughout the world. The music is exciting, classy and hugely popular featuring a fusion of 20’s swing and stomping electro beats delivered by… Read more »