Courtlye Musick



Courtlye Musick is a group of four versatile musicians who specialise in the authentic presentation of Medieval and Renaissance music. Courtlye Musick was formed in 1984 and have performed at concerts, workshops, festivals, receptions, historic events, weddings, civic occasions, banquets and many diverse functions far and wide. Performances have been broadcast on radio and television…. Read more »

Minstrel Majesty



Minstrel Majesty – Medieval, Tudor and Elizabethan music from virtuoso musicians who played for the DVD launch of ‘Game Of Thrones’. Minstrel Majesty play for Medieval Banquets, Weddings, parties, corporate events and film sound tracks. They are available from a 2pc upwards to suit any event large or small. They exude a passion for this… Read more »

Minstrels Gallery



Minstrels Gallery are a group of musicians and players specialising in music and entertainment from the Medieval and Elizabethan periods. They play on a wide range of fascinating instruments including Lute, Crumhorn, Flute, Racket, Shawm, Psaltery etc. Minstrels Gallery perform anything from gentle background music to lively dance tunes, lyrical ballads to melifluous madrigals, creating… Read more »

Music In Theme

Celtic / Folk, Medieval.


Music in Theme perform music from medieval times all the way through to the twentieth century. They present just about any themed show you could imagine including Medieval (with adaptations of Chaucer’s Pilgrims Tales, and compered medieval banquets), Victoriana (street, pub and early music hall ), Naval (shanties, sea songs & nautical music from the… Read more »

The Mellstock Band

Celtic / Folk, Medieval.


The Mellstock Band plays and sings the dances, songs, carols and other music of English village and church bands from the eighteenth century to the present day. Their repertoire and style come from village musicians’ manuscript books and from living traditions of song and instrumental music from all parts of England and beyond. The instruments… Read more »