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Who are The Blue Bazookas?

They are an R & B, Blues and out and out contemporary dance music band whose sole outlook is to provide the sweetest music to make you “Jive”. From the ashes of the ‘The Continentals’ the phoenix rose, to form a six piece band (including a brass section) of some almighty force.

Matt (Mashy Boy) Sonnet: Vocals & Guitar Experienced R & B, Jazz, Blues and contemporary guitar player/songwriter who has played it red hot in Italy and America. A musician since the age of 17 and the ‘energetic’ arranger/leader for the band.

Steve Geary: Vocals A ‘natural’ front man who has played in bands since 1975. Influences are the likes of Robert Palmer, Steve Earl and Otis Redding.v George Francis: Drums & Vocals A highly skilled and experienced drummer. During his many years as a musician he has been signed to several publishing deals. A perfectionist and long time member of the south coast band ‘The Soul Agents’.

Dr. Steve Grainger: Alto Saxophone Started playing the sax in the late 70’s. Respected by too many to mention and worked with ‘Culture Club’ for four years. In between touring and recording he fitted in sessions with other artists like ‘The Beach Boys’, ‘Denise Williams’ and ‘Errol Brown’ plus television themes and advertisements.

Jon Gooding: Tenor Saxophone Ten years “a-tootin”. Musical influences are Rock, Blues, Motown and Jazz. Jon took to the stage with ‘The Soul Agents’ and ‘The Continentals’. One of the founder members of the ‘Blue Bazookas’.

Martin (Dancing Fool) Ayling: Bass The “laid back Lester” of the band, is a very experienced bass man and occasional harp player. He gave bass to bands such as ‘Red Hot Pokers’ and ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’.

The Blue Bazookas are available for private parties, corporate functions etc.

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