6 Great Live Bands for Large Events

At Fantasia Music we deal with just about every kind of event from a small party in a restaurant to showpiece events for global companies and in this article we shall look at options for large events where the band needs to be fill the stage, be dynamic as well as visually and musically impressive.

Here we have 6 premium live bands all of which have experience of playing for large showpiece events in the UK and internationally. Like many top bands, these are scalable from the core line ups to feature multiple singers out front and also include Brass for maximum stage presence and musical impact.

Here are our recommendations-

Mixed Feelings
Top London party band and at it’s best as a 10pc to include 4 lead singers (2x female & 2x male), rhythm section plus brass. Mixed Feelings are at the top of event planners lists when it comes to live bands for large events and one of the reasons why they are one of the busiest bands on the circuit. This band will energise any event!


Ipop is nothing short of a phenomenon! Since the band exploded onto the scene a decade ago they have now become a worldwide brand synonymous with dynamic, high quality entertainment. For large events the band adds multiple singers, brass, strings and can expand to a 16 piece for the largest of stages & events.


Sway Allstars Orchestra is home to some of London’s finest session musicians that have recorded and toured with the cream of international pop talent. Known as Virgin boss Richard Branson’s live band of choice for company events the band works mostly as a 10 piece and can go to a 12pc to include full brass section and 4 singers


E2 have been in the top flight for two decades and are renowned for their musicianship and ability to deliver great performances. E2 features musicians who have worked with Sting, Elvis Costello, Ronan Keating, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many more. E2 have a superb repertoire and the band is at it’s best as a 10 piece.


Agenda is a premier, experienced live band expandable to a 12 piece. With musicians that have worked with Take That!, Pixie Lott, Leona Lewis, Boys 2 Men and high profile singers with CV including X Factor & The Voice, Agenda have everything you need for great entertainment. Highly recommended.


The Mark
The Mark is a band with impressive pedigree having been playing played for a thousand events since 2014. This is a high end band featuring musicians that have appeared alongside Robbie Williams, Celo Green, Nicole Scherzinger & Westlife. The band which is at full force with the 12pc to include additional singers, brass section & percussion.


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Author: Steve Gallagher