1) FANTASIA MUSIC operates as an Employment Agency and Employment Business specialising in the Entertainment Industry.

2) FANTASIA MUSIC charges its artists a fee of an agreed percentage of the contracted fee in accordance with our Commission Policy Statement. We will also collect any applicable tax (for example VAT) which is due under English Law. We make no charge whatsoever to the hirer in normal circumstances.

3) Contracts negotiated by FANTASIA MUSIC do not normally not provide for cancellation, and cannot be modified or cancelled unless agreed in writing by all concerned parties. In the event of cancellation by either party without cause of illness or other unavoidable circumstances this agency reserves the right to make a charge for work undertaken in connection with the engagement, this charge being payable by the party(s) requesting the cancellation.

4) All verbal agreements are confirmed by the signing of a legally binding contract. In the event of very short notice bookings, the written contract may be sent after the event for your records.

5) i) Whilst operating as an employment agency, while we cannot accept responsibility for non-fulfilment or breach of any contract. Wherever possible in such cases, we will replace the act or engagement or artist with one of similar price and quality.

ii) Whilst operating as an employment business, we accept responsibility for the fulfilment of the booking.

6) Any contract negotiated through this agency shall be subject to these terms of business unless otherwise agreed in writing between all concerned parties. In particular, any conflicting terms of business shall have no effect. The document “Commission Policy” forms part of these terms, and must be read and construed as such. All contracts to which these conditions apply shall be construed in accordance with English Law.

7) No servant or agent of this agency has the power to vary these terms and conditions.

8) Whenever the context so admits, words importing the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa.


1) FANTASIA MUSIC normally charges its artistes a commission, agreed in advance with the artistes.

2) Commission will still be payable if the Artist is responsible for cancellation of the contract or if the Artist fails to appear, said non-appearance being a result of action of the Artist.

3) Monies owing to artists via FANTASIA MUSIC will usually be made within seven days of monies received from the hirer/venue becoming cleared funds or within seven days of the date of booking, whichever is the later. FANTASIA MUSIC reserves the right to deduct monies due to the agency from any monies due to any artist, and forward any balance.

4) Where fees have been paid directly to the Artist by a hirer, any commission is payable within seven days of the date of booking or the date of the Artists receipt of payment, whichever is the later.