Courtlye Musick – four versatile musicians who specialise in the authentic presentation of Medieval and Renaissance music.

Courtlye Musick was formed in 1984 and have performed at concerts, workshops, festivals, receptions, historic events, weddings, civic occasions, banquets and many diverse functions far and wide. Performances have been broadcast on radio and television. The repertoire includes music from all over renaissance Europe and the huge collection of authentic instruments continues to grow.

In performance, the ensemble is surrounded by a fascinating display of instruments which includes Renaissance woodwind, (crumhorns, rauschpfeifen, shawms, racketts, curtal and recorders); strings, (viols, rebec, lute and harp); brass, (sackbuts, cornetti, and lysarden), and others such as gemshorns, bells, pipe and tabour. The clear voices of the consort are a feature of every performance.


Courtlye Musick are experienced Shakespearean, on stage musicians and are regular performers at the Leicester Early Music Festival. They continue with their educational work in schools. Whatever, or wherever the occasion, if there is a need for a traditional or historic flavour, Courtlye Musick can provide the atmosphere and entertainment to make your event special.

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Courtlye Musick collaborate with ‘Ars Nova’ from Cherbourg.