Medieval, Tudor and Elizabethan music from virtuoso musicians who played for the DVD launch of ‘Game Of Thrones’.

Minstrel Majesty play for Medieval Banquets, Weddings, parties, corporate events and film sound tracks. They are available from a 2pc upwards to suit any event large or small. They exude a passion for this music of a bygone age, recreating the sound with original instruments and dressing in period costume.

They play a wide array of instruments including Shawm, Cittern, Hurdy Gurdy, Gothic Harp, Flute a Bec, Pipe & Tabor, Recorders, Gemshorn, Citoli, Bagpipes and percussion. Songs are also featured in the performances.


Medieval banquets are very popular and really come alive with authentic, live music.
The evening usually starts with a fanfare on shawms and tabor. Guests are then entertained by strolling musicians playing music and songs to accompany the merryment. After the feast Minstrel Majesty will usually liven things up with lively dances played with percussion, shawms, hurdy gurdy and ancient bagpipes!

These Medieval Minstrels can also provide jesters, storytellers, masked dancers and stiltwalkers as well as expert dance master Ricardo Barros to lead the dancing for a Medieval or Tudor Ceilidh!

Events, venues and clients include
HBO ‘Game Of Thrones’ DVD launch, EMI, National Trust, English Heritage, The Royal Armouries, Channel 5, Banqueting House Whitehall, Waterford Festival Ireland, Dordrecht History Festival (Holland), Ayia Napa Medieval Festival (Cyprus)

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Add more musicians up to 5pc