Spark! is an exciting street theatre show that play throughout the world with a combination of high-impact drumming and stunning visuals.

With as many as seven performers, Spark! will enthrall your audience with dynamic choreography, moving from the stage to interact with the crowd frequently, whilst incorporating an emphatic lighting design into their routine. Carefully planned and thoroughly enjoyable, Spark!’s performance frequently surprises the audience, keeping them guessing by juggling the audience’s attention from one drama to the next.

Highly adaptable according to your stage or performance space, Spark! will tailor their routine of dance, lighting, sound and smoke to match your surroundings without compromising any quality of entertainment. Inside or outside, on a stage or in a confined hall, the show will light up just about any location.


If you’re looking to hire this live performance indoors, shows can be made as short as 5 minutes to as long as 30 minutes. Alternatively, outdoor performances in a park, parade or stage can be from 30 to 90 minutes long.

When it comes to booking Spark!, the performers can be hired with 5 to 7 performers with the requirement for a technician. You can also request a dramatic pyrotechnic finale to end the show with a thrilling finish. If your corporate event or function has a particular theme or colouring, let our team at Fantasia Music know – we’re able to tailor the coloured costumes and drums to match your corporate branding!

Spark! have huge amounts  of experience performing for audiences, having previously toured in China, Taiwan, Qatar, Hungary and France. To book this spectacular performance, make an enquiry using the button below.

Performance options

Add drummers for larger events

Visually arresting, acoustically impressive… Spark! wowed the audience of thousands gathered to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Worldbeaters Music have come up with a winning combination.

Liz Pugh- Producer, Walk the Plank