Live Bands for Weddings & Parties

A Guide To Live Wedding & Party Bands

At Fantasia Music much of our work is in the wedding & parties sectors and in particular providing professional bands for wedding evening parties. Increasingly couples are opting for a real ‘live’ band in preference to a disco and clients can hire live bands for weddings & parties from a small 3pc through to a spectacular 16pc band with multiple singers, brass and percussion.

A professional wedding & party band should be experienced, have professional kit, a wide repertoire and most importantly be able to entertain with great music that will fill the dance floor. Fantasia Music carefully select the bands we represent so that you are assured they will meet the highest standards and give you the entertainment you expect from a professional entertainment agency.

If you are unsure of what makes up a 4-piece band, want to know if a band can have a brass section or you need some recommendations then read on…..

3pc Wedding bands

For small weddings & parties a 3pc live band can be the perfect solution. These bands occupy a small footprint so will fit smaller venues and they are usually less expensive than the traditional 4pc band. Most will be Guitar, Bass & Drums with the lead singer also playing one of the instruments. The big advantage of this is that the sound will be the same as a 4pc band with separate singer out front. An excellent example here is LE PATRIKS with Lead Singer/Guitar, Bass, Drums

4pc Wedding bands

These are the most popular sizes of bands we deal with as they are built around the classic model of rhythm section plus lead singer within a relatively small band. Although combinations of these wedding & party bands vary, a 4pc band would traditionally comprise Lead singer, Guitar, Bass, Drums. Classic example of the 4pc band is THE SHAKERS, an excellent 4pc featuring lead female singer plus rhythm section along with another great 4-piece band  – ON TRACK.

Some 4pc bands have singers who also play instruments so a band like LOADED have a lead singer who also plays guitar and in COVERS IN ARMS the lead singer also plays keyboards which gives the band a full sound and the ability to cover just about any style of music.

5pc Wedding bands

A 5pc wedding band will have all the elements needed for a wide repertoire of music and they are of a manageable size. 5pc bands usually have the lead singer out front, with the rest of the band comprising Guitar, Bass, Drums plus another musician such as a keyboards player or additional guitarist. A great wedding & party band typical of this set up is ELECTRIC SOUL with female singer and keyboards. THE COVER UPS are another experienced wedding option with their 5pc having 2x singers plus rhythm section.

Larger Wedding bands

From 6pc upwards the line ups of different bands can differ quite a lot with some preferring to add more Singers, Brass, Percussion or Strings. These bands are usually suited to larger gatherings as not only do they occupy a larger footprint but there is also the cost factor. However, the look and sound of these bands really does stack up when it comes to making an impression.

Some great bands here are AGENDA available for 6pc-12pc, E2 available from 6pc-10pc who are one of the most experienced pro bands we deal with and the excellent VIP who have a flexible line up for just about any event.

Premium Wedding bands

Fantasia Music is proud to represent some of the finest bands in the UK and we hire live bands for exclusive parties, celebrity weddings, large corporate events and international events. Bands in this category are at the top of the list where dynamic, highest quality entertainment is demanded. Many of these bands are the best Wedding Bands London has to offer and others are based throughout the UK.

Our premium wedding & party bands include iPOP, a superb band from 4pc to 16pc to cater from small exclusive parties to the largest events. iPOP travel throughout the world and are regarded as among the top bands in Europe!. SWAY ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA also play throughout the world, are the favourite band of Richard Branson and play from a 5pc upwards. JAM HOT is another ‘superband’ featuring some of the UK’s best musicians and they have played in The UAE, Maldives, USA and throughout Europe.

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Author: Steve Gallagher