All About Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

So your venue is booked and you are now looking to ideas for music for your wedding. Fantasia Music specialises in providing professional music for weddings and we can help give options and ideas within your budget to find the perfect accompaniment to your wedding ceremony. 

The wedding ceremony is what a wedding is all about and it is essential that this part of the day goes exactly how you want it to. The best advice anyone will give you on how to ensure that the music will be perfect is to hire professional wedding musicians and this is where Fantasia Music can help.

There are a number of things to consider when trying to decide on music for your wedding ceremony: What style of music do I really want? When would I like the music to be played and what music shall I choose? How much will it cost?

Classical Music for your wedding

Classical music is by far the most popular style of music for a wedding ceremony and there are a number of different options available. The classical options include: string quartet, string trio, wind ensemble, brass ensemble, harp and guitar professionals.

If you are unsure as to how these sound then please click the links to go to pages in our web site where you can play mp3’s for each.

Beautiful string music creates a wonderful atmosphere and works well in just about any situation. The sound of a good string quartet playing Wagner’s wedding march ‘Here Comes the Bride’ is one that you and your guests will never forget. A wind ensemble is an excellent alternative to the string quartet and the brass ensemble cannot be bettered in setting an air of ceremony, vibrancy and grandeur. The harp or guitar both have a more laid back feel and work well in a more intimate setting. 

Other Music Options

It is useful to know that all of the options above are usually available to play not just classical music but lighter music as well. Most will have a repertoire which can include some arrangements of pop music, show tunes, jazz, TV and Film themes. Many couples like to have a mix of different styles and this is something that can be discussed with your musicians.

Jazz is also something to consider and this can be either instrumental or include a singer.
The jazz option is popular with those who want a more laid back, informal atmosphere and can involve any number of combinations of instruments to suit your taste.

Steel bands are growing increasingly popular for wedding ceremonies (particularly outdoor ceremonies). A steel band can create a relaxed, informal atmosphere and is a colourful, exotic alternative to the more traditional options.

When To Have Music Played & How to Choose It

Music is usually played for the seating of the guests, bridal entrance, signing of the register and exit. The musicians you choose will have a repertoire list available from which you can select the music you would like, however most couples prefer to speak with the musicians to seek advice as to what music will be appropriate and set the right mood.

If you want specific music to be played then this is something which should not be left until the last minute, so once you have decided on who is going to play for you it is a good idea to then consider the music. Some couples like to choose all the music to be played at their wedding and others are quite happy to leave it our experienced musicians who will be pleased to put together a programme of music.

Remember- the musicians will have played for lots of weddings and will be more than willing to help you and give advice about music so take advantage of this knowledge to help make your wedding day go smoothly.

Civil Ceremony Music

Please note that a civil ceremony cannot have music played which is considered religious. Your registrar will request a list of the music to be played well in advance and they will not allow anything that falls into this category. Our musicians will be able to advise on this. 

How Much Will a Band Cost?

Fantasia Music provides professional musicians for weddings and like any other quality product these are not going to be cheap, but the rule is if you want it done right then go professional.

There are factors that can affect the cost of musicians and bands with the obvious ones being how good or established they are and what level of service they provide. Like anything else – you really do get what you pay for. Something else to bear in mind are travel costs – if musicians are to travel long distances then this can dramatically increase the cost, so you may well decide that it is best to look to a local option.

For the ceremony a local guitarist can cost from £200, string quartet from £400, harpist from £300, jazz trio from £350. It is always more cost effective to hire the same musicians to play for the ceremony and drinks reception as the additional cost for this will be relatively inexpensive. Contact us to get the best deal on professional music for your wedding.
And remember- we offer a price match promise!

Contact us via telephone on 01202 421743 or via our online contact form to discuss hiring music for your wedding. We’d be happy to help and advise you further on choosing the perfect music for your special occasion.

Author: Steve Gallagher