Electrify your event with an Electric String Quartet or Trio

Electric String Quartets and Trios are now very popular and offer an exciting option to the traditional String Quartet. With designer instruments and custom arrangements the Electric String Quartet is the new must have addition to weddings, parties and corporate events.

The most dynamic effect of Electric String groups is felt when they play a showpiece set. This is usually about half an hour of dynamic, exciting music to backing tracks and delivered with style and flair as a form of cabaret. This works well for corporate events, gala dinners and product launches where the Electric String Quartet or Trio will play with wireless radio packs through a PA system.

For large events it is possible to have background music played for say the reception and then a showpiece set later in the evening. In addition to this, most Electric String Quartets and Trios will offer an acoustic option where they play as a traditional String Quartet or Trio.