Why Use An Entertainment Agency

With so much information now available for wedding entertainment through the internet you could be forgiven for asking the question of  ‘Who Needs An Entertainment Agency’. The fact is that it is precisely because there is so much information out there that it is more important than ever to use a professional entertainment agency to help you with what can otherwise be a time consuming, difficult process.

Use an experienced, professional entertainment agency

A good entertainment agent helps to remove the guesswork out of the equation when looking for a band or musicians for your wedding. At Fantasia Music we over 20 years experience of running a top entertainment agency and many more years experience than that as performing professional musicians.

We use professional musicians and expect the highest standards for any musician we represent. Each band or artist is researched by one of our team and will not make it onto our roster unless strict criteria are met. Put quite simply – Quality is absolutely essential.

How to choose bands and musicians for your wedding

When looking to book a live band or musicians for your wedding the best way to go about it is to simply contact your entertainment agent who will determine your preferences for music and then give suitable options. Bands and musicians costs can vary greatly and a good agent will be able to give you suitable options to fit your budget.

At Fantasia Music our web site is a rich resource of information with listings of wedding bands,  jazz bands, Ceilidh bands, string quartets, harpists etc. We will provide you with a shortlist and send you links to the web site where you can read about the bands and musicians we recommend, hear music, see play lists, photos and in many cases play video. There will also be testimonials from previous clients.

How to book musicians

Once you have decided to book we make the process simple and safe. Fantasia Music always issue contracts and we look after your booking until the day of your wedding. We are always available to speak with about any aspect of your booking and will also liaise with your wedding venue about things such as Public Liability Insurance and PAT testing of band equipment etc.

Unlike many other entertainment agencies, Fantasia Music will encourage you to speak with the musicians you are engaging. It is important to have a rapport with them and to discuss music, especially the first dance and also the timings of the day.

Will it be expensive?

At Fantasia Music we provide lots of professional bands and musicians with work throughout the year and because of this we can sometimes negotiate preferential rates in order to keep costs down. This means that in many cases the band can cost the same as booking direct. Otherwise yes it can cost a little more, however for the time and effort you will save by using an entertainment agency to sift through the band options, deal with contracts and financial matters as well as dealing with demands from your venue and for the peace of mind all of this brings, we are confident that you will consider it money well spent.

What if there is a problem

Although rare, it is a possibility that through illness, accident or unforeseen circumstances a band or musicians cannot play for your wedding. This is where you will be glad that you used an entertainment agency as because of the number of professional musicians we deal with we should be able to offer a suitable replacement. If you had booked direct with a band for instance the chances of them being able to help with a replacement are minimal.

Author: Steve Gallagher