Choosing Musicians and Bands for Corporate Events

Corporate events have a variety of purposes, formalities and messages that need to be communicated to the audience throughout the event. Music can make a big impact on all, so considering these factors when hiring live music for a corporate event is crucial. To help we have created a quick guide with tips on how to choose the right band or musicians for your corporate event.

Formal vs informal bands

Corporate Events Music Hapists

Events held to honour and celebrate someone’s work or significant accomplishments generally tend to have a formal tone. For these kind of formal events options such as harpists, string quartets and jazz quartets would work well for the reception.

For after dinner entertainment head to our Premium Bands page where you’ll find the likes of Agenda, The Superlatives & Sway Allstars Orchestra who specialise in providing high quality music for corporate events.

For a more informal event, such as a work party or celebratory get-together, Fantasia Music has an extensive selection of talented party bands. These bands are able to captivate and entertain an audience with a great repertoire of music from the 60s, 70s, 80s Disco, Motown or pop classics. All of our party bands are professional and experienced so know exactly how to fill the dance floor – just let our performers know of any special requests you may have and we’ll make it happen.

Corporate dinners and awards ceremonies

Corporate Events Music Spark!

Many corporate events will have a purpose beyond a celebration – such as tributes and awards ceremonies. For these kinds of events there are a number of options to make your corporate event an even bigger success.

For the reception, a jazz or classical option always works well but why not consider a Latin band to play some cool summery Latin jazz? A great option for this is Sambossa – a sophisticated Brazilian jazz group.

Corporate events often include after dinner entertainment or cabaret performance and Fantasia Music has lots of options for this. Consider a dynamic Electric String Trio such as Cordelectra, or the superb beatbox/A Capella group The Magnets to amaze your audience. In contrast to this there is the drum and light spectacular provided by SPARK! who have entertained audiences throughout the world.

After the formalities there is nothing better than a superb top line professional corporate band and you’ are not short of options. Take a look at The Mark or Mixed Feelings two of the best professional corporate bands in Europe who are guaranteed to fill the dance floor all night. They can also play for the ‘walk-ons’ and ‘stings’ as awards winners are announced.

Other top corporate bands include the superb ‘Mixed Feelings band’, ‘Groove 54’, ‘Hot and Horny’ and the sensational band ‘The Lightyears’, all of which feature in our Premium Bands listings.

If you would like further advice on booking a live band or musicians for a corporate event, get in touch with us at Fantasia Music. We’d be happy to point you in the right direction, so give us a call on 01202 421 743 or leave us a message via our online contact form.

Author: Steve Gallagher