We have Brass Ensembles for your wedding, reception or event

When it comes to making a musical impression, nothing is better than a Brass Ensemble. Brass music has been used for the greatest effect since Ancient Egyptian times when it was used to herald the Pharoahs, and has proved popular ever since to announce dignitaries, play fanfares for royalty and play in countless brides for wedding ceremonies.

Brass Ensembles usually contains 4 or 5 players made up of trumpets, french horn, trombone & tuba. There is a certain majesty associated with such brass groups however after the fanfares have died away a Brass Ensemble can be an alternative to a wind or string quartet to play for a drinks reception. When playing for weddings Brass Ensembles carry a wide repertoire of music from Bach to The Beatles meaning that there will be music for everyone to enjoy.

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