Professional Jazz Duos & Trios for weddings, receptions & parties

Jazz Duos & Trios have become as popular as the standard Jazz Quartet for a number of reasons not least as they are more affordable than the quartet. Jazz Duos & Trios also have a smaller footprint and do not require as much space as quartets so they are popular for smaller venues such as wine bars, restaurants and hotels.

Instrumentation varies greatly with some combinations being purely instrumental – Duos for instance two guitars, or sax and piano or guitar and sax. Other options include singers who are usually accompanied by either piano or guitar. Some trios use the popular line up of sax, bass and piano and others rhythm plus violin or singer. Alternatives include a Gypsy Jazz Trio of two guitars and bass or guitar, violin and bass.

Our range Jazz Duos & Trios are listed below so please explore the bands and listen to their music to see which ones interest you.