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Jump Jive, Jitterbug and Swing Bands make for exciting entertainment. The style originated in the USA in the 1940’s when swing jazz was evolving. An injection of a more driving rhythm and a greater Blues feel led to a genre of music we now call Jump Jive, Jump Blues or simply Jump! This music and other styles come under the heading of Swing Dance Music.

The Great Louis Jordan is seen as the biggest influence in Jump Jive, and Louis Prima and his Jump Blues is also a major player in Jump Jive and Swing history. Between them they ensured that the period between the Big Bands and Rock n Roll was owned by Jump Jive and Swing.

Bands playing this style of music have a strong rhythm section, horns and vocals and are more popular now than ever. There are lots of Retro dance events and festivals throughout the country and more and more these bands are seen as an antidote the a traditional covers band for weddings and parties.

Fantasia Music has some of the UK’s best Jump Jive Bands and Swing Bands listed below. Just click the photos for more information and to book!